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If you are looking for a company to oversee the integral organization of your corporate event, with the set objectives in mind at all times and utmost attention to every detail, Sankara Events is the company which, for over eight years, has been making every event a success.

Sankara Events has a staff with ample experience in the organizing of corporate events, at your side from the start, focusing on your ideas to meet all of the objectives proposed, managing each of the activities and stages of the event, providing settings and highly qualified staff, designing creative and dynamic activities, offering animation and shows, providing all of the necessary technical and audiovisual equipment, as well as the catering and anything else required to make the final result unbeatable.
Along these lines, we also provide you with everything related to the necessary infrastructure to make the staging of your event take place in the best way possible, we have facilities for corporate events, rural and urban, as well as a fleet of vehicles of outstanding quality for your event or company convention.

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Additional services for Corporate Events - Event Planning Miami

In addition to all of the resources we place at your disposal, we can also provide services related to communication, gifts, company identification in t.shirts, caps or backpacks, e-mailing services, merchandising, invitations….
As well as anything to do with signs, audiovisual services, photocalls, trophies and anything required to give your event or convention visibility, presenting and promoting it.
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We organize your corporate event comprehensively

At Sankara Events we have the necessary experience to put into practice any idea or proposal you have in mind. We count on a carefully selected team to provide a “complete” response to any requirements necessary for the carrying out of your event.
With Sankara Events you put your mind at rest; we have the capacity and experience to provide you with the best solutions for each of your needs, proposals or indications. We work hand in hand with our clients to make anything they can imagine come true.
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Corporate events and Team Building dynamics

Depending on the different goals sought after in the design of your corporate event, we put over 60 dynamics and Team Building activities at your service, all designed to reach specific objectives, frequently sought in businesses environments Event Planning Miami.
We additionally offer the option of designing activities for corporate events, designed to work on very specific objectives with the aim of finding solutions to very specific problems or needs.
Ranging from our amazing cultural strolls through the cities or towns you choose, from the hand of the most entertaining historical personalities, to the building of a car or cities in 3-D, there are a number of dynamics with which you will be able to foster cooperative teamwork, efficient communication, emotional management, facing changes, etc…
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Conventions and events for companies

Sankara Events, in its long experience in Spain and Europe, has designed and managed events, with a one day, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly duration. We manage and comprehensively organize each one of the meetings held, the transportation, as well as cultural and entertainment activities.
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Facilities for conventions and events

One of our strong points, at Sankara Events is the variety and richness of our spaces, multipurpose halls, countryside properties and hotels which work with us all around Florida.
Each one has been selected after passing very detailed quality standards, our aim being, at all times, the holding of every event or congress to be in the most adequate environment to suit the end it has been organized for.
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