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Additional services for Corporate Events

In addition to all of the resources we place at your disposal, we can also provide services related to communication, company t-shirts or jerseys, e-mailing services, merchandising, invitations….
As well as anything to do with signs, audiovisual services, gifts, trophies and anything required to give your event or convention visibility, presenting and promoting it.

Our Team Building activities provide you with over 60 activities, aimed at working towards different objectives, which you can choose, adapt or simply customize to suit your taste, those that best adapt to your needs, and therefore, the objectives you would like to meet.



Facilities For Business


One of the most important decisions to be made when holding an event is the space it will take place in. This will largely determine how it develops and its success, remaining a fond and long-lasting memory in all of the participants. We at Sankara Events provide you with a wide array of facilities for company conventions, meetings and events, all carefully chosen to meet the high standards required in the holding of any event. We have over 500 locations, nationally and internationally, which are guaranteed to provide the highest standards of quality.


Unique spaces and locations

Sankara Events has a varied catalog of multpurpose spaces for companies, large but welcoming, meeting rooms, castles, ranches, restaurants, hotels, totally equipped and located in privileged surroundings, available for any type of event, be it in the city, seaside or mountains.

We give all the assessment and information you need to hold your event, access to the landmarks where the event takes place, guided visits or our Cultural Treasure Hunts, making your stay as productive as possible.


Catering services

Sankara Events also provides you with a choice of menus, ranging from the basic ones, such as: Coffee breaks, Brunches, Buffets, Cocktails, Lunchboxes, etc. to the more elaborate for Galas, Business Lunches or Dinners, Tasting Menus and endless options with an excellent price-quality relation that will no doubt meet your needs and expectations. Among the activities we provide, for hospitality and catering companies, are the Team Building activities based on cooking workshops, cocktail classes or wine tasting.








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