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Additional services for your event

In addition to all the resources put at your disposal, we offer the opportunity to purchase our services in relation to communication, offering corporate t-shirts and bibs, emailing service, merchandising, invitations ...
Also everything related to signage, audiovisual services, gifts, trophies and everything you need to give voice to your event or convention, presenting and promoting it.
In Sankara Events we offer more than 60 activities designed to work with different objectives, from which you can select, adjust or just make it your own, those more adapted to the needs you have and therefore the goals you want get.

Trips and Rewards… What Sankara Events can offer you?


The mission of Sankara Events Travel's is to offer travelers a unique and unforgettable experience, differing for more than 8 years of experience, devising and organizing adventures and activities anywhere in the world.
Among our offerings, you will find the travel incentive, considered among our staff and clients work as one of the most valued, because you get different objectives such as increasing Team building corporate feeling, positive motivation or communication. Because of this, each incentive travel is specially designed to meet the requirements of each company, considering the objectives they need to promote.


Adventures and travelling theming

Develop an incentive trip effectively, it is necessary to take into account different requirements regarding the activities and dynamics for companies to make, being necessary to be sufficiently attractive and stimulating, provoking the participant surprise.
Sankara Travel Agency selects unique games and activities specially to provide in each country or region. Swim near a shark balloon flying over Egypt or even be part of a real spy course in Russia, are, among others, the activities that Sankara


Our services for corporate travels

Sankara Events Travel offers various additional services in achieving each trip, offering the possibility to hire private airport transfers, insurance, car rentals, tours, tickets, monitors and hostesses, etc. convention meetings rooms.

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